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The best CDs of 2007, pt. 1 - The 5th Estate
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The best CDs of 2007, pt. 1
It was a pretty good year in music. A handful of artists produced absolutely fabulous CDs and a lot more managed releases ranging from "worth the money" to "are you sure that shouldn't be rated a little higher"?

Here's the format. Instead of the tedious task of actually ranking CDs - a torture I used to inflict on myself every year - we now have four tiers: The Slammy, awarded to the CD of the Year; the Platinum LP, awarded for superior achievement; the Gold LP, for significant achievement; and Honorable Mention, for things I bought and liked enough to keep. Today, the Gold LP winners and Honorable Mentions (presented in no particular order).

Gold LP

The National: Boxer(More...)