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End of Days? - The 5th Estate
An enraged terrier on the ass of the power elite...
End of Days?
Dear investors
This just in the Media conglomerate "genius" DonaldTrump just said on CNBC that if interest rates don't drop very soon wewill have a very long term Reccession effecting the entire world. Saidalso even if the Interest rates were dropped we were going to be lookinforward to "some bad times in the mid and short term" Well its veryomnious even if it isn't true is words are going to have a huge effect.
Ohyeah I almost forgot he was claiming it was because of the lack ofcredit on the market. That nobody not regular citzens or citzen of thecoporate conglomery could get credit that was cheap enough for them.This is scary because of how much debt we have we always claimed thatthe escalating natinoal debt was never going to be an issue but uhhhhwait ummmm. Yeah some body working for the state ought to start lookinginto why its a bad idea to run your credit card through the roof. Andperhaps fax that to the free market experts in the fricken oval office.

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